UN report on the human rights impact of sanctions

  • The UN Human Rights Council issued a report on the impact sanctions have on human rights.
    The key recommendations from the Special Rapporteur are:

    • A human rights impact assessment should be carried out by states before sanctions are applied* For as long as the sanctions remain in place, ongoing monitoring of the human rights impact should be in place* Mechanisms for judicial review and effective remedies should be available to those impacted, even if they are not directly sanctioned themselves
      The Special Rapporteur raised concerns about:
    • The rise of comprehensive and secondary sanctions as a means of economic warfare rather than targeted/“smart” sanctions on the wrongdoers * Imposing sanctions based on mere suspicion or allegations* The legality and intended harmful consequences of the US’ drastic re-imposition of comprehensive sanctions on Iran* The extraterritoriality of secondary sanctions disregards accepted rules in international law* The discriminatory effect of sanctions based on country of residence and nationality* The economic and social impact of the US sanctions on Russian oligarchs and entities in April 2018